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Yoga has grown in popularity but its misconception in this age shows that we don’t good knowledge of Yoga as a realm of knowledge.

Despite its popularity, Yoga is one of the most misunderstood realms of knowledge in modern times. It’s neither a fitness regime nor gymnastic that finds expression in body culture but it’s a long-lived system of spiritual development which is yet undiscovered by Westerners.

The interesting truth for those who want to discover the secret of the real Yoga is that our authentic Indian Yogic service reveals the secret – how yoga offers transformation and personal growth.

Spearheading this course is our expert Tantra Yoga teacher Liisa Maimon.


You will both learn and practice the following:

The human aura and five subtle bodies – how our health, vitality, and spiritual destiny rely on them.

How we can use training with the chakras in Tantra Yoga to improve our confidence level, achieve focus, become more intelligent, and experience love on a deeper level in our lives

The workings of energy in nature and in us as it agrees with the universal laws of correspondence and resonance in Tantra

How to use Yogic practices and meditation to take charge of the mind and explore its limitless potential

The amazing benefits of tantric forms of Yoga, such as Kundalini Yoga, Hatha Yoga, and deep relaxation, experienced first-hand through the practice

How to Purify the body and energy in order to master the art of moving energy on all levels.


Participants of this course will enjoy the opportunity to access rare, esoteric tantric knowledge and at the same time discover and develop a useful range of techniques that will help enhance life on a daily basis. Through the long-existing system of Tantra Yoga, you will come face-to-face with your own spiritual depths and find answers to the greatest metaphysical questions as you use it practical secrets to achieving great personal expansion. Let us help you to discover yourself!



Is this the kind of workshop that a Yoga novice can attend?

Absolutely Yes! You do not need any previous knowledge or experience in Yoga before you can participate. Moreover, those who have participated in some Yoga forms are advised to come with an open mind.

I am experienced in Yoga. Will I still gain anything by taking this course?

You are most likely to learn tons of new things as our authentic and undiluted tantric teachings unveil the truth realities of the Yogic culture that are very scarcely available these days. The discussions and practices are other avenues through which you can add to your Yoga experience. While the ancient knowledge of the Yoga practice remains the root of our teachings, we have prepared all the teachings in a very practical and ready-to-apply fashion.

While meditation is often referred to as a potent practice – and even today acknowledged by business giants such as Apple and Google for its potential to enhance productivity – it is more than “managing one’s energy,” “neural self-hacking,” or stopping thoughts. These approaches can neither access nor demonstrate the mind’s enormous potential, its subtle structure, and its boundless power to take us on a journey to maximum spiritual and mental accomplishment. When the quest for a structured and scalable mental self-development becomes overwhelming, then Trika Meditation is the all-inclusive system that can provide all that, and in a way that leads directly to self-realization.

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